Crypto trainings for your team, enhancing knowledge across your firm

We understand the importance of enhancing knowledge across your firm and bringing awareness of new legal and regulatory requirements to everyone. We provide onsite trainings, deep dives, and AR videos that help your team foster knowledge, be interactive and practical.

Our crypto trainings cover detailed lecture materials, tutorial videos tailored to your needs, and – if required – tests and exams. We work together with leading seminar providers and conferences to organize the best training experience for your teams.

Training Modules

For our trainings, we can use augmented reality (AR), on-site presentations, and cloud-based services. You benefit from our cost-efficient, secure and modern structures that enable real-time communication as if the participants of your team were present themselves.

Various documents, databases and presentations can be displayed in virtual space, as can whiteboards and other projectors, and can be evaluated and operated together. The result is an interaction similar to that of face-to-face training.

For more information on trainings, please contact us.

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