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Aurelia Mitchell Durant


New Jersey (Princeton), USA

Aurelia Mitchell Durant is a Partner in Rimon’s Intellectual Property practice.  She concentrates her practice in intellectual property law and international business law.

In the intellectual property realm, she has represented a diverse clientele of business owners, creatives, and innovators in the protecting their valuable intellectual property assets.  She has protected, recovered, and safeguarded intellectual property assets by assisting in the development of brand protection strategies adaptable to today’s global marketplace. These strategies include copyright, trademark, licensing and intellectual property litigation.

Aurelia has been instrumental in restructuring not-for-profit sector corporate boards, focusing on compliance and governance best practices.

She is a professional speaker, workshop facilitator, and panelist on topics such as brand protection and diversity in the law.  Additionally, she has served as an adjunct professor of business law and intellectual property.

Steadfastly committed to nurturing the next generation of legal talent, Aurelia mentors law students, thereby fulfilling her goal of introducing intellectual property law to the next generation of legal talent.

  • Rimon P.C. (Partner)
  • Anderson Kill, Of Counsel
  • AMD Law, Global Intellectual Property Attorney