Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for training, negotiations, consultancy and meetings

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Our customers save a lot of time and money through the cost-efficient and secure use of state-of-the-art AR solutions that enable real-time communication like in a face-to-face meeting.

Rimon Falkenfort uses augmented reality (AR) for meetings, negotiations, training and consultancy. AR allows us to benefit from cost-efficient, secure and modern structures that enable real-time communication as if we were present. At Rimon Falkenfort, we utilize AR (Augmented Reality) both internally and externally. AR infrastructures t are easy to install, making it a user-friendly and effective technology for our clients.  

Real-time image transmission: Gone are the days of 2D streams and 3D avatars - by combining real and virtual people in one room, we can advise our clients in a highly professional, interactive and efficient manner.

Many thanks to ALEGER GLOBAL GmbH, Mr. Alexander Stöger, for the amazing results and the uncomplicated implementation.

Legal Tech Solutions

We work with specialized legal tech providers making a wide range of IT tools available to our clients and to us. With LegalTech, we automate workflows, legal services and create barrier-free networking with our clients. AR solutions are an important part of our advisory service, also in the area of training and AI.

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