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Managing success

As a company or private individual, you invest worldwide. At the same time, local tax protectionism is on the rise and information requirements are being tightened.

Our attorneys guide you in navigating this environment and help create a legally and economically sound investment solution for you.

Partners Taxes & Private Clients


We know the basics of German tax law. We strive to create reliable, tax-efficient structures and help you implement them. We advise on complex financial products, fund structures, and alternative asset classes.

Private Clients

We support private investors in a wide range of issues: from tax analysis and capital transfers to special projects. We react dynamically to change and know the legal and political environment – using the interdisciplinary resources of our international law firm.

A team of experienced partners

We offer a holistic consulting approach as trusted advisor, coach and project manager. Even though our focus for you is centered on our tax expertise, as consultants we always keep an eye on the big picture.

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Global trends

Governments around the world are implementing measures that demand greater financial transparency and aim at generating higher tax revenues. To master the developing global tax environment, an experienced international tax practice is required.

Holistic approach

We offer a holistic consulting approach as trusted advisor, coach and project manager. In internal and external communication with all parties involved such as contractual partners, authorities and service providers, we mediate and "translate" for your interests.

Where are we heading?

Only one thing is certain. There will always be taxes. Nevertheless, tax regimes are constantly changing and demand constant adaption from you.  We keep you and your employees informed about new developments, especially in the financial industry. Take part in our training courses and seminars.