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Financial regulation is in constant flux. Markets are in transition, facing new challenges ranging from crypto assets to sustainability rules. It is not just sufficient to (re-)assess risks, implement compliance procedures and control mechanisms – it is also important to consider market reforms and economic uncertainty. The financial industry is at a tipping point – with its own unique opportunities and challenges.

From banking supervision to insider trading rules, from money laundering regulation to investment law - we help you navigate the regulatory landscape, identify risks and opportunities, structure your transactions, optimize regulatory ratios, and streamline your processes.

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Strategic partnership

We are committed to developing and optimizing products, structures, and services. We help you use financial regulation and technology to innovate and compete.

We can be your strategic partner in a highly disruptive market environment.

Regulatory change

Regulatory reform brings its challenges: constant management attention as well as massive resource requirements for monitoring, implementation, and developing a deep understanding of the new framework. 

We help you maintain an overview and make necessary adjustments. In doing so, we evaluate your legal risks - across borders, in compliance with local administrative practice.

A team of experienced partners

We take a holistic approach, bringing together experts from all over the world. Even though our focus for you is on our expertise in financial regulation, as your advisor we always keep the big picture in mind.

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Way to the future

The world is changing and markets are in transition. An extraordinary interest rate environment, the corona pandemic, and market uncertainties pose new risks and limit upside potential. Market participants face a need for digitalization and effective risk monitoring.

Our experts explain current and future developments and help you to set the right course for the future.

Sustainable solutions

Turbulent times have an impact on transactional markets. Innovation is critical to generate growth. Sustainable products and tokenization transactions, digitalization, modern asset classes, and de-risking are key to success. We help you optimize your products, services, and structures, apply for the necessary permits, and handle communication with regulators.

Our goal is to identify sustainable solutions for companies at any stage in the entire corporate life cycle.

Future of regulation

What are the upcoming regulatory developments and how will they impact you? How will the market react? How do I need to get prepared? Take part in our training courses and seminars. We will guide you in a constantly changing world.