Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Smart strategies

Often, legal disputes and disagreements cannot be avoided. The important thing is to be prepared. Right from the very beginning, we stand beside our clients to support them in judicial and administrative proceedings.

We provide support in dispute negotiations with the goal of helping our clients achieve a satisfactory outcome without litigation. If litigation cannot be avoided, we represent our clients comprehensively in front of courts and authorities.

Partner Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Advantage through planning

It is crucial to proactively avoid crises. Our compliance experts and litigation lawyers work hand in hand to create sustainable governance structures and risk management tools for our clients.

We help our clients navigate the maze of legal requirements, from labor law to criminal law.

Representation of board members

We represent management boards, managing directors and supervisory boards in all matters, from employment contracts to remuneration structures and defense in individual cases.

A team of experienced partners

We take a holistic approach, bringing together experts from all over the world. As legal advisors, we address the immediate legal issues of our clients while always keeping the big picture in mind.

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Capital market and banks

We have extensive expertise in capital market disputes ranging from prospectus liability to disputes in the financial sector.

We have an integrated, international team of dispute resolution and compliance experts, with deep experience in the financial sector.

Internal investigations

We support internal investigations, help with the clarification of facts and simplify the processing and analysis of data with the help of legal tech.

We see ourselves as an extension of the legal department of our clients.

Challenges and risks

Avoiding disputes is the best solution. That requires identification and management legal risk in advance. What legal changes are around the corner? Where do future challenges lie? Take part in our training courses and seminars. We will accompany you in a constantly changing world.