Be properly prepared

The world is changing - full of new rules and challenges. It is no longer enough to simply react. Early detection and the proactive identification of potential and already realized risks is critical. Compliance is a must.

We help you navigate complex regulations and implement compliance solutions.

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Crisis management

Every crisis is different - some arise overnight, others develop gradually. Often a response within the first hours is imperative. Who needs to be involved, how and when? Forward-looking and coordinated communication is essential.

We help you develop defense strategies quickly and accurately and are always available to assist you in times of crisis.

Risk management

We assess your legal risks based on the available information, and also through our own investigations - across borders and in compliance with local administrative practices. In doing so, we help establish robust, sustainable structures and processes that provide the highest level of protection.

Communication is critical and we are focused on this at all times.

A team of experienced partners

We take a holistic approach, bringing together experts from all over the world. Even though our focus for you is centered on our compliance expertise, as your advisors we keep the big picture in mind at all times.

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Crypto and sustainability

The world is changing, the markets are in transition, and clients must adapt to ever evolving business environments. We are experts in growing new areas such as cryptocurrency and sustainability requirements (ESG). Our experts explain current and future developments and help you set the right course for the future.

Financial market compliance

We provide you with comprehensive support in the event of suspicion of money laundering, market manipulation, insider trading law violations, or other compliance issues. Our team develops strategies and handles communication with all parties involved - protecting you from reputational risks and supporting you in making strategic decisions.

Future of compliance

Where are the market and your competitors heading? What are upcoming legal challenges and changes? Take part in our training courses and seminars. We will guide you in a constantly changing world.