Tailor made

Are you looking for legal support on credit, money or capital markets and are you considering, for example, equity, debt or mezzanine financing? Are you wondering whether a securitization, fund or other bundling vehicle is best suited for you?

We support you in relation to all financing needs from transaction structuring through syndication and servicing to restructuring, if required, and likewise assist you in the development and implementation of new structures - with a particular focus on regulatory challenges.

Partners Finance

New products

In addition to documenting transactions, we are committed to developing and optimizing financing products, also from a regulatory and tax perspective.

We structure your project, acquisition or real estate financing and optimize your receivables, financing and leasing structures. We also navigate the complex landscape of banking, securities, investment and insurance laws on your behalf.

New requirements

Are you being inundated by ever changing new requirements or trying to get a grip on the regulatory environment for your products, investments or services?

We structure products, make necessary adjustments, and assess your legal risks - across national borders, taking into account local administrative practices.

A team of experienced partners

We take a holistic approach, bringing together experts from all over the world. Even though our focus for you is centered on financing, as your advisor we keep the big picture in mind at all times.

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Crypto and sustainability

The world is changing, the markets are in transition, and clients must adapt to ever evolving business environments. We are experts in growing new areas such as cryptocurrency and sustainability requirements (ESG). Our experts explain current and future developments and help you set the right course for the future.

Holistic approach

We offer a holistic consulting approach as trusted advisor, coach, and project manager. In internal and external communication with all parties involved, we mediate and "translate" your interests.

Products and challenges

Where are the market and your competitors heading? What legal changes are around the corner? Where do future challenges lie? How do you meet your training and education obligations? Take part in our training courses and seminars. We will accompany you in a constantly changing world.