Employment and Data Protection

Compliance Challenges

In today`s highly regulated world, Employers are faced with increasing compliance demands. Data Protection is on the front page not only after the introduction of the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. In current times of the pandemic, data protection and employment laws are daily challenges for any compliance officer. We will assist you in dealing with these challenges and we will guide you which immediate steps need to be undertaken.

Our partner Michael Magotsch published various articles on the topic: In Personalwirtschaft, Sonderheft Arbeitsrecht 2018: DSGVO: Die Angst vor Bußgeldern geht um; im ADP Personalmanager: DSGVO: Am Ball bleiben and in blogs: Less than 90 days to go – are you GDPR compliant?  Also see his interview in Personalwirtschaft, Arbeitsrecht Special 2016: HR-Manager als Compliance Officer der Zukunft.

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