Webinar On Demand: German State Aid – Will Mass Insolvency Be Next?

The simplified Covid-19 related application for "Kurzarbeit" will come to an end by the end of June 2022. Michael and Oliver are discussing what comes next.

07 June 2022, by Michael Magotsch and Oliver Otto

  • What are the options for Employers?
  • What restructuring alternatives are now available post Covid and post short-time work?
  • Are operational based terminations available?
  • How to approach plant shut-downs and partial shut downs?
  • Collective bargaining and works council co-determination requirements?
  • Will filing for insolvency be the last option? If so, how about KUG / short-time work allowance and Insolvenzgeld / bankruptcy money?
  • How does insolvency interfere with employment laws?
Webinar: German State Aid – Will Mass Insolvency Be Next?

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